A few tips

The person who welcomed you into the house probably did his best to explain everything in the house. But if you missed something, here’s a reminder of everything you need to know.

Let’s visit the house and start with the bedrooms, then the bathroom, the kitchen, the terrace and the barbecue and the WiFi access.
I might have forgotten something, you don’t all have the same needs… If so, you can leave a comment on the page “Leave a comment” at the bottom of this page. Don’t hesitate to leave a feed back so I can improve this page! It will be useful for people coming after you…. or yourself when you come back?

Let’s start with the bedrooms and the sets of bed linen :

Bedroom #1 (with the king size bed, the futon and the balcony)

1 set of bed linen is already under the bedspread and 1 is available in the chest of drawers
2 sets for the futon are also in the chest of drawers
Pillows and duvets are in the cupboard

Bedroom #2 (with the chimney, located on the left of the entrance door)

1 set of bed linen under the bedspread
1 in the drawer on the bottom of the cupboard
2 pillows and a duvet are there for the sofa bed in the living room

Bedroom #3 (the room on the very top giving access to the rooftop)

2 sets of linen and the pillows for the big and the small futon are in the cupboard

Let’s go to the bathroom now

All the towels are in the chest
The hairdryer and a first-aid kit are in the white cupboard
Washing machine Miele is somewhat unusual so please follow the instructions in the bathroom carefully

Let’s go on with the kitchen

Before starting cooking, be certain that the gaz cylinder in the kitchen blue cupboard is turn on : the green clip lever on the cylinder must be up.
There is  a reserve cylinder ready in the cupboard. (Take a look at the instructions in the kitchen if you need to replace one)

Dish washer tabs are available under the skin. ADVICE : use the “Auto” program and the dish washer will set automatically!

Eating outside on the terrace

You will find in the right drawer of the cupboard in the dining room a manual for the use of the barbecue. (Please put it back there after use)
The switch for the light of the terrace is on the right at the top of the stairs (sometimes it doesn’t work properly. Don’t turn it off immediately after turning it on… if a problem occurs just wait 30 seconds to make it work again)
If you use the lights string, just plug it directly on the socket on the beam


There are spare light bulbs in the cupboard going to the 1st floor.
If a fuse were to blow, you will find spare ones in the cupboard located on the ground floor, on the right of the entrance door.
You can find wood on the premises located behind the wooden door on the “Grand Rue”, after the black metal door. It’s locked but the person who welcomed you should have given it to you.  You can light this premises with the switch located on the hall leading to the bathroom on the ground floor. (Thanks for switching it off when you come back)

Internet Access Name : Livebox-7288
Wep Key : oratoire



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